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Satisfying today’s demands for Power & Telecommunications Systems is the business of Saudi Cable Company (SCC) Group, the Middle East’s foremost provider of technological advanced solutions and services.

Conceived in 1975, the company has now become to be globally recognized for its excellence in product design and engineering, as well as its world class total solution services, by various governmental agencies and public utilities worldwide.

Today Saudi Cable Group gross sales turnover has grown 100 times from a meager 4 million US$ in 1976 to a world class turnover of over 400 million US$ in 2001.  This growth was achieved by both continuing to increase manufacturing capacity and product line, as well as the acquisition of additional manufacturing facilities in Bahrain and Turkey.


The combined group manufacturing capacity is 140,000 tones of copper and aluminum rod, 85,000 tones of power cables and conductors, 6 million core kilometers of metallic telephone cable and 20,000 sheathed kilometers of optical fiber cable.


Saudi Cable has positioned itself to meet the globalization challenge of GATT, NAFTA, AESEAN and ECC trade associations, by being the first Middle East manufacturer to be ISO 9001:2000 certified for Design, Engineering and Manufacturing (First ISO Certification was in 1994), as well as  obtaining type test approvals from KEMA (Netherlands), UTE (France), SAG (Germany), AOQC-MOODY (UK), Georgia Power (USA) and ITS/TestMark Labs (USA) and has exported its products and services to over 60 countries, from one side of the globe (USA, the Americas and Europe) to the other side (Australia, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, New Zealand and Guam in the Pacific Ocean)


Saudi Cable Total Solution System approach to ISO 9001 includes energy and telecommunications transmission and networks system design and engineering, as well as either supervision of installation services or complete turnkey solutions, including site testing and commissioning.  All materials used in SCC Group’s products and services are tested to international standards, as well as in process testing and final certified testing.  Every order is provided with a testing certificate.    SCC Group has extensive experience in both overhead transmission and underground networks to 500 kV, and has provided emergency and reconstruction services and complete turnkey solutions in the aftermath of war torn environments.


“This system approach to long-life cables creates our hallmark stamp of quality, giving us the confidence to offer every client the benefit of a ten year guarantee,” says. Mr. Khalid A. Alireza, Chairman, SCC Group.


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