Step in with us into ELECTRICX, Egypt´s largest power event

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Our participation in Electricx; Egypts largest power event was a success as we showcased our latest products to high profile Egyptian diplomats like Egyptian minister of energy & electricity his excellency, Engr. Mohammed Shaker. Saudi Cable could easily get business for some specific projects, through ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Areva and others. Perhaps in the future, Egypt will also go into the Nuclear Energy, like the GCC States. A study of the Imports of Egypt would provide the total of CU Rod Imported /  Exported as well as the quantities of Bare Aluminum / Alloy Conductors and the imports of Cables, like Rubber Insulated Cables, which are required for the electrical pumps in all the wells in Egypt, as Agriculture is a major segment in Egypt, which is why Solar Energy will slowly replace previous Diesel Fuel for Agricultural power Generation. A determination for the demand of Rubber Insulated cable, as well as in other North African countries could provide a good market for this product to be manufactured by Saudi Cable. Most distribution in Egypt is Overhead, and there are 13 Electrical Distribution Companies in Egypt.

Enjoy the below link for your viewing pleasure.