Interested in a company tour of SCC ? Join our “SCC Experience Day“

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SCC is embarking on a new milestone of showcasing its factories and manufacturing process through our new initiative of ¨SCC Experience Day¨. The main objective is to showcase our product ranges and have the public be aware of the manufacturing process in the cables industry.

Our first visit to our ¨SCC Experience Day¨ was from the Electrical Department of the Technical College in Makkah; and the visit included the vice chairman, directors and a group of students specialiezed in the Electrical field.

The visitors were greeted and welcomed by our senior management through our welcoming reception. After our introductory reception, the visit was followed by a company presentation with a short video. The factory tour was divided into two groups, in order to maximize the efficiency of our tour and explain all raised questions thoroughly to each individual.

After the factory tour was done, the senior management of both parties met and discussed potential partnership agreements for the foreseeable future.