Shareholders Affairs 

  • Shareholders Department is one of the most essential sectors in Saudi Cable Company, as a key point of contact linking the Company with its Shareholders and the potential investors. Shareholders department is directly responsible for the communication between the Company and the relevant authorities. For this purpose the Company has appointed two representatives, one of them is a Director and the other one is a Senior Executive, to act as its representatives before each of the Capital Market Authority (CMA) and the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul).
  • Amongst  the most important roles of the Shareholders Department is preparing and publishing  the Company’s announcements on its website and Tadawul’s website and providing other Departments of the Company with the periodic reports and all circulars issued by the relevant Regulatory Authorities and ensures  compliance with their requirements and the implementation thereof. Also, in addition to the main roles that are performed by the Shareholders Dept. including preparing and carrying out all the processes related to the convention of the Shareholders Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies, setting items of the Agenda, date, place of the meeting and the good readiness. Furthermore, the Shareholders Dept.  prepares the Board of Directors annual Report, reviews and publishes it in coordination with the other sections of the Company after its approval.
  • On other hand, Shareholders Affairs Department, strives continuously improving the relationship between the Company and its shareholders and developing it through a definite strategy commensurate with creating distinguished relationships with the Company’s Shareholders, ensuring their participation in the General Assembly’s meetings and maintaining their rights according to the laws and the regulations issued in this regard and related to the listed Joint Stock Companies.
  • Shareholders Affairs Department is handling its designated roles properly with highest efficiency, while ensuring commitment with transparency, credibility and balance in all its processes; internally within the Company, and externally with the related authorities to maintain the best interest of the Company and its Shareholders without any prejudice or discrimination towards any group.
  • Consequently, the Company is committed to the level that satisfies its Shareholders to the best. In this regard, the Company’s Shareholders Affairs Department has dedicated a special phone line and e-mail to receive all inquiries of the Shareholders and respond to them.