Our Shared Values

From inception, SCC founders had a passionate interest in the firm’s long-term successful development. They knew that every individual makes a contribution every day to the company’s enduring success. We continue to follow this conviction and want to foster a culture of Excellence that includes all of our people at the heart of SCC’s culture. We believe that the following these principles are especially important to create an inspiring, motivating and supportive environment that reinforces integrity, ethics, transparency and trust. As a major employer and manufacturer, Saudi Cable Company has a responsibility towards its owners, employees, society and environment. SCC employees acknowledge and discharge this responsibility by always acting in the best interest of our stakeholders. This includes, but is not limited to, striving towards profit, sustainability and growth, strictly following all applicable laws, rules and regulations while developing mutually beneficial win-win relationships, supporting the society and protecting the environment.


Our Culture

At SCC we encourage a high-performance culture and foster a keen sense of ownership amongst our team. We live by our ‘I-CARE’ values, to promote ingenuity, respect and quality in all our actions.
Innovation: Creative thinking that adds value.
Commitment: Transforming promise into reality, as one team.
Appreciation: Recognizing the achievement of others.
Respect: Showing admiration and consideration to everyone.
Excellence: Delivering outstanding results.


Our Leadership Philosophy

Leadership in Saudi Cable Company’s culture does not reside only at the top of the organization. It emerges from, and cascade down to, those in customer-facing roles.
In SCC, leadership is based on trust between managers and employees by promoting an I-CARE culture, showing respect to each other, treating each other fairly irrespective of race, religion, gender or nationality, sharing information and refraining from hidden agendas. Leaders in our company have an effective, focused and strong management style. They live the company’s values and ensure our strategy is understood and embraced by the employees.


Our People

An organization is nothing without its people. A high performance culture in an organization requires each individual to perform at their highest level and cooperate efficiently with the team. To achieve this, each employee must feel that the company and leaders care and that they put measures in place to enable and empower every individual.
SCC has a transparent and fair compensation and benefit (C&B) structure in place which includes an incentive system to reward those who exceed agreed targets and expectations.
Every employee, no matter whether office worker or machine operator, is an expert in his specific area of responsibility and knows best how to do their job and how to improve. SCC strives to create a supportive and healthy culture which attracts and retains the best talent. We promote a healthy balance and emotional well-being as a way of improving productivity and innovation while leveraging existing talent. SCC engages and involves all its employees in the creation of its vision and values through interactive discussions, inclusion in the decision-making process, and keeping employees abreast of all facts are relevant for the organization.