Building & Grounding Cables

image-contentOur comprehensive range of high quality building and grounding wires are designed to meet the strict safety wiring requirements of the residential and commercial construction industries.

SCC’s copper conductors are manufactured in-house, conform to SASO 55 and BS:6004 standards, and offer easy-strip PVC or XLPE insulation to minimise the time and cost of installation on-site.

We can also tailor our designs to meet your specialised needs, whether that be added environmental protection, enhancing fire performance and the elimination of smoke and toxic gases, or supplying alternative sheathing materials to meet other recognised standards.


Our PVC-insulated cables are ideal for use in general-purpose installations such as lighting or motor and auxiliary equipment connection. We can also provide an added low-friction nylon jacket for resistance against a wide variety of chemicals such as acids, bases and petrochemical liquids.

Our XLPE-insulated offering retains its shape and insulation function at higher temperatures, and benefits from the absence of toxic gas emissions, in particular hydrochloric acid, when burning. Our flexible cable models provide optimal performance in areas where frequent bending or moveable equipment is required.

  • Copper conductor (PVC insulation according to BS 6004 and IEC 60227).
  • Copper conductor (XLPE insulation according to UL 44).
  • THHN cable (copper conductor, PVC insulation and a layer of nylon).
  • Flexible cable (copper conductor and flexible PVC).


Our large diameter, single conductor designs can be insulated or bare depending on your requirements, and are engineered to connect conductive structures to ground, whatever the size. For particularly aggressive environments, our tinned options provide outstanding corrosion resistance.

  • Copper conductor (PVC-insulated grounding conductor according to BS 6004 and IEC 60227).
  • Bare copper conductor (according to IEC 69228).
  • Tinned copper conductor (PVC-insulated grounding conductor according to BS 6004 and IEC 60227).
  • Tinned copper conductor (according to ASTM B33 & IEC 60228).
Master Building Wires

Master Building Wires

These cables are suitable for operation at voltages up to and including 300 Vrms to earth and 500 Vrms between conductors.

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