Saudi Cable Co. Announces an update on the resignation of 3 members of the Board of Directors (members of the Audit Committee)

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IntroductionReference to Saudi Cable Company announcement at Tadawul’s website, on 11/08/1442H, corresponding to 24/03/2021, regarding the resignation of 3 members of the Board of Directors ( Members of the Audit Committee).The Company announces that The Board of Directors has convened and discussed the resignation and its reasons, and the Board decided to adopt a communication mechanism between the Management and the Committees, and thereafter, the Board members and the three Audit Committee members have officially withdrawn their resignations.
Previous AnnouncementMembership Status: Independent membersDate of resignation acceptance: The board of directors has not met, and the date of resignation acceptance will be announced later.Resigning Member Start Date:2021-02-17
Date of Previous Announcement on Tadawul’s Website2021-03-24 Corresponding to 1442-08-11
Percentage of fulfilled achievementN/A
Event’s Expected Completion DateN/A
Reasons for Exceeding the Announced End DateN/A
The costs associated with the event, and if they have changed or not with indication of the reasons.N/A
Impact of the Delay on the Company’s Financial ResultsN/A
Additional InformationN/A