Saudi Cable Co. Announces Appointment of a Managing Director

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IntroductionSaudi Cable Company announces that its Board of Directors issued its decision on 28-12-1443 H corresponding to 27-07-2022 AD and based on the recommendation of the Nominations and Remunerations Committee approving the appointment of a member of the Board of Directors (independent member) Mr. Nael S. Fayez the managing director of the company and amending the membership status to be an executive member as of the date 01-08-2022 until the end of the current session of the Board on 13-01-2024.
Appointed Member NameNael S. Fayez
Membership TypeExecutive
Membership Start Date2021-01-14 Corresponding to 1442-06-01
Brief Resume of the Appointed MemberHolds a Bachelor’s and an Executive Master’s degree in Business Administration – Macroeconomics, Former General Manager of Corporate Governance at NEOM, Co-founder and CEO of Strong Solutions Consulting Company, Founding CEO of INJAZ Saudi Program previously, has 10 years previous experience in Saudi Aramco- Treasury Department, director and leader of a large number of government projects in the areas of strategy and sustainability, and he is considered an economist at both the macro and micro levels.
Date of Board Meeting in which Appointed New Member(s) were Appointed2022-07-27 Corresponding to 1443-12-28
Board ApprovalThe Board approved the appointment of the Managing Director on 27-07-2022
Additional InformationThe Chairman and members of the Company’s Board of Directors also wish the Managing Director success in his upcoming duties.