Saudi Cable Co. Announces the Non convenience of its Extraordinary General Assembly’s Meeting regarding Capital Decrease and Increase (Second Meeting).

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Date of Publishing the Previous Announcement Sought to be Corrected on Tadawul’s Website2022-02-10 Corresponding to 1443-07-09
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Incorrect statements in the previous announcementThe impact of the non-convention of the EGA regarding the Board recommendation on the Change of the Capital: N/A
Correct StatementSaudi Cable Company is pleased is to clarify the impact of non-convention of the General Assembly regarding the Board Recommendation on the Change of the Capital, that it will invite for a third meeting to be held with the number who attended, and in the event that the Company’s Shareholders approved in the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting the decrease and increase of the Capital , the eligibility shall be for the Shareholders on the day of the Extraordinary General Assembly convention, who are registered in the Shareholders’ register at the Securities Depository Center (Edaa) in the end of the second trading day following the date of the Extraordinary General Assembly convention.
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