Saudi Cable Co. announces the Resignation and Appointment of Member of its Board of Directors

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Saudi Cable Company announces that Mr Saleh Eid Al Hussaini has submit his resignation on 2016/07/28 from his position of (Independent member) of the Board of Directors of the Company due to his official obligations that restricted his attendance at Board meetings of the company during the recent past.  The Board of Directors has with regret accepted his decision and resolved as per resolution MA -T /2016-8 dated 2016/08/17 that Mr. Dionysius M.Metzemeakers be appointed as a member of the Board, and that he also be appointed as Managing Director(Executive Member) of the Company with effect from the date of the above resolution.  Mr. Metzemeakers have 32 years experience, including fourteen years in the cable industry, where he served as executive director for global companies cables in the last ten years of it. The companys Board of Directors thanks Mr Saleh Eid Al Hussaini for his contribution to the growth of the Company.