Saudi Cable Co. Announces the Results of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, (Second Meeting)

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IntroductionSaudi Cable Company announced the results of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting (2nd Meeting) for the failing of the quorum in the first meeting , and the second meeting was held after one hour of the first meeting, which held at the Company Head Office in Jeddah, in presence and by means of modern technology using Tadawulaty services, at 06:30 pm, on Wednesday, 13/01/2021, Headedby Eng. Meyassar A. Nowailati, the Chairman of the Board, after valid quorum attended by (7.64%) of the total Company shares.
City and Location of the General Assembly’s MeetingJeddah, Company’s Head Office and Through Means of Modern Technology.
Date of the General Assembly’s Meeting2021-01-13 Corresponding to 1442-05-29
Time of the General Assembly’s Meeting18:30
Percentage of Attending Shareholders7.64%
Names of the Board of Directors’ Members Present at the General Assembly’s Meeting and Names of the AbsenteesEng. Meyassar A. Nowailati (Chairman)Mr. Raaid K. Alireza (Vice-Chairman).Mr. Khalid A. Alireza (Board Member).Dr. Abdullah H. Masri (Board Member & Chairman of Nomination & Remunerations Committee)Mr. Khalid Ali H. Alajlan (Independent Board Member).Eng. Azhar M. Kinji (Independent Board Member.)Mr. Mahmoud M. Abdulgafar (Independent Board Member).While, the following members were unable to attend the meeting due to their special circumstances and they have already informed the Board about:Mr. Yousuf A. Alireza (Board Member).
Names of the Chairmen of the Committees Present at the General Assembly’s Meeting or Members of such Committees Attending on Their BehalfDr Abdullah Masri (Board Member & Chairman of Nomination & Remunerations Committee).
Voting Results on the Items of the General Assembly’s Meeting Agenda’sApprove to Voting on electing the members of the Board of Directors from candidates for the forthcoming term, which shall commence on 14/01/2021 for a period of (3) years ending on 13/01/2024. They are as follows:- Saleh Al Shathri- Ali Al Attas- Abdulhadi Abul Khair- Azhar Kenji- Nael Faiz- Meyassar Nowailati- Mahmoud Abdulgafar- Abdulrahman Alkhayal- Nuha Sulaimani
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