Saudi Cable Company announces its success in passing qualification of system type test of the High Voltage cable & its Re accredited by National Grid.

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Announcement DetailSaudi Cable Company is pleased to announce the successful qualification of system type test of the High Voltage cable 132 kV, 2500 mm²; according to the latest International Standards, (International Electro technical Commission standards, )IEC 60840: 2020(), which confirms with all the standards and the technical specifications required by National Grid SA.The High Voltage cable system was tested at the leading International laboratories of CESI Group in Germany; under direct supervision of the Belgian company SGS as a third party. CESI Group is one of the world leading laboratories and accredited for the inspection, testing and certification of the electrical products. With this newly accomplishment, Saudi Cable Company has been Re qualified and Re accredited by National Grid SA as one of the qualified plants for the production, manufacture and supply of High Voltage Cable for the power projects of National Grid SA.This achievement has been realized as result of group efforts of specialized experts, including technicians and engineers working in the field of manufacturing, with support and direct supervision of the Company’s Executive management. This accomplishment will open new Commercial avenues and improving the development of the existing High Voltage Cable business for the company inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.