Saudi Cable Company announces the termination of the CEO contract

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IntroductionSaudi Cable Company announces the termination of the contract of the CEO, Eng. Abdulhadi A. Abu Al-Khair, on 31/07/2022, with his continuation as a non-executive Board Member from 01-08-2022 until the end of the current Board term on 13-01-2024.

In this regard, the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors would like to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to Eng. Abdulhadi A. Abu Al-Khair for his blessed efforts during his work as CEO.

The company will announce any developments regarding the appointment or assignment of a new CEO.
Name of the Resigned CEOAbdulhadi A. Abu Al-Khair
Resignation Acceptance Date2022-07-31 Corresponding to 1444-01-02
Resignation Effective Date2022-07-31 Corresponding to 1444-01-02
Reasons for ResignationTermination of the contract