Saudi Cable Company calls its Shareholders for the necessity to deposit the Investment Certificates in their Investment Portfolio and receive their previous profits (Reminder announcement).

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Announcement Detailreference to Saudi Cable Company keenness to ensure the rights of its shareholders, and due to the replacement of the certificate system by the investment portfolio system, the Company invites its respective Shareholders who are still holding the Company’s share certificates to the necessity of depositing them in their investment portfolios through handling/ or delivering them to the Securities Depository Center (“Edaa”) at King Fahad Street – Olaya 6897, Unit No. 11, Riyadh 12211-3388, Phone No.: 920026000 together with the investment portfolio number and a clear copy of the National Identity Card or family Registry in order to expedite the process of disbursing their profits and facilitating the process of trading them by the relevant formal methods. The Company also requests its respective Shareholders who have accrued profits for the previous years that have not yet been received as a result of their failure to contact the underwriter bank or because of their incorrect addresses or account numbers linked to their investment portfolios, to contact the bank to receive them.

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