Saudi Cable Company invites its Shareholders to attend a virtual meeting to discuss the Company’s updates via modern technology means (Reminder Announcement)

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Announcement DetailTo ensure the transparency principle of the Company and to affirm the Company’s keenness to adopt positive interaction with Shareholders and keep them informed of the Company’s updates, Saudi Cable Company wishes to remind the valued shareholders of the date of the third monthly meeting of the shareholders meeting announced on Thursday 06/10/2022 on the Saudi Stock Exchange website (Tadawul), to be held on Monday 28/11/2022, from 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm.

The meeting will be held through modern technology means with Shareholders to discuss the Company’s updates, especially after announcing the request to open the financial restructuring procedure and get the shareholders queries answered by the Managing Director, Mr. Nael S. Fayez.

Each Shareholder registered in the Company’s shareholder registry at EDAA is entitled to attend at the end of the trading session preceding the meeting.

Link to attend the meeting: