Saudi Cable Company invites its Shareholders to attend several meetings via modern technology to discuss the Company’s developments.

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Announcement DetailSaudi Cable Company announces that it has organized several meetings via means of modern technology with its valued Shareholders at specific dates for the rest of the year, in compliance with what previously promised, to discuss the Company’s updates and to answer the queries of Shareholders by the Managing Director, Mr. Nael S. Fayez.

Please note that the September and October meetings were merged to bring greater benefit to the respectful shareholders.

According to the dates below, each Shareholder registered in the Company’s shareholders register in (EDAA) is entitled to attend the meetings by the end of the trading session prior to each meeting.


The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 16/03/1444H, corresponding to 12/10/2022 from 5pm – 7pm.

2nd monthly meeting

Wednesday 12/10/20223rd monthly meeting

Monday 28/11/20224th monthly meeting

Wednesday 28/12/2022