Saudi Cable Company invites its Shareholders to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting for Capital Increase (1st Meeting).

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The Board of Saudi Cable Company is pleased to invite the Shareholders of the Company to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting (1st Meeting) which will be held at the Hotel the Venue Jeddah Corniche, on Tuesday 05/05/1441, corresponding to 31/12/2019.




City and Location of the Extraordinary General Assembly’s Meeting

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Hotel Venue Jeddah Corniche

Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Entrance – KSA, Jeddah

Link for the Location of EGA Meeting

Date of  EGA  Meeting

05/05/1441 corresponding to 31/12/2019

Time of EGA Meeting


Attendance Eligibility

Shareholders registered at the Depositary Center Registry at the End of the Trading Session Proceeding EGA Meeting and as per the laws and regulations..

Quorum for Convening EGA

The validity of Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting is subject to the attendance of a number of Shareholders representing at least half of the Company’s capital. Failing such a quorum at the first meeting, another meeting will be convened one hour after the end of the period declared for the first meeting. However, the second meeting will be valid even if attended by a number of Shareholders representing at least one quarter of Company’s capital. .

Agenda of the Meeting

Item (1): Voting on BOD recommendation for the increase of Company’s Capital by sum of SR. (250,000,000) as the following:

a.       Company’s capital prior to the increase is sum of  (110,614,060) divided into (11,061,406) nominal share.

b.      Company’s capital after the increase will be sum of SR. (360,614,060), divided into (36,061,406) nominal share.

c.       Total increase of the capital is sum of SR. (250,000,000).

d.      Reasons  for the capital increase is for the restructuring and launching  new capital to provide working capital to enable the Company increasing  operation capacity and to support the future activity of the Company.

e.       The method for capital increase: Through listing and offering rights issue for a number of (25,000,000) nominal share.

f.        In the event that the Shareholders on EGA meeting approve the increase of the Capital, the eligibility right  shall be for the shareholders registered in Company’s Register at Depository Center  on the date of EGA convention on approving the capital increase through rights issue by the end of the second day following the EGA convention date.

Item (2): Voting on amendment of Article No. (7) of the Company’s Bylaws on capital increase to be confirmed  with the recommended increase in case EGA approved item No. (1) (Attached).

Item (3): Voting on amendment of Article No. (8) of the Company’s Bylaws on the offering to be confirmed with the recommended increase in case EGA approved item No. (1) (Attached).

Proxy Forms



We would like to indicate that the shareholders registered on Tadawulaty services can vote online on the items of the Assembly’s agenda as  the following:

link: noting that the registration and voting via Tadawulaty services is available for free for the all shareholders.

The time for online voting will start on Saturday 02/05/1441 corresponding to 28/12/2019 at 10:00 am and shall close at the  same day of EGA Meeting on Friday 05/05/1441, corresponding to 31/12/2019 at 4:00 pm.

Eligibility for Attendance Registration and Voting

Eligibility for attendance Registration and Voting ends upon the convention of the EGA Meeting. Eligibility for voting on the Agenda of the Meeting shall end upon the Counting Committee concludes counting the votes

Communication Method

Shareholders Department via Telephone No. 0126087500 or Fax No.: 0126352220 or email: ( within office hours from 08:00 am to 03:00 pm

Additional information

Each shareholder willing to attend the meeting shall bring his original ID and the proxy, while the presence must be on adequate time prior to the Meeting so as to complete the registration process.

Shareholders who cannot attend the meeting can authorize another person (Vide a written authorization, provided that the proxy shall be other than the Boards Directors or the Company’s staff and the authorization shall be certified by the Chambers of Commerce & Industry if the shareholder was a member thereof or if the shareholder is a company or a legal entity or one of the authorized banks or licensed persons in Saudi Arabia, provided that the principle must has  a bank account, or authorized persons perform ratification or Notary Public or licensed persons for attestations.

Noting that the shareholder or the authorized must provide the Company with copy of the proxy at least two days prior to EGA date of convention, and to be delivered to the Company’s address as the following: Saudi Cable Company (Attention to Shareholders Dept.) P. O. Box: 4403 Jeddah 21491.