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Saudi Cable Company organized a special roadshow event for its employees to attend the launching of its updated strategy on 07th March 2016 at Hilton hotel in Jeddah.

The event was organized to include motivational speeches by the company’s executives and then was followed by a workshop titled “Raise Your Standards” conducted by the global trainer Dr. Rashad Fakiha. The workshop was conducted over two sessions, one in English and the other in Arabic for 3 hours each session. The aim of the workshop was to motivate, inspire the employees and to “raise their standards” to achieve company goals. All employees actively participated in the workshop as it transformed into a brain storming session. They all were engaged with one another in forms of groups and the group leaders presented the results, as directed by the global trainer. Positive career progress discussions drive the employee’s engagement higher by creating a dynamic workplace and continuous contribution from the employees to effectively gain the merits of this workshop and apply them on their professional careers and personal lives.

This initiative comes under the new Saudi Cable Company cultural values “ICARE”, where every individual employee is valued.

The sessions were presided by the EVP Commercial & Deputy President, Mr. Mohamed Ali Vaid. The company’s future strategy was further elaborated by Mr. Hesham Ismail, V.P. of Human Resources, Mr. Mohamed Talal Himdi, V.P. of Operations and Mr. Mazen Mohamed Abutalib, Director of Business Development & Marketing.

Below are a set of pictures for your viewing, showing the active participation of the executives and employees in our roadshow event.