Saudi Cable Company announces to invite its Shareholders to attend the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting (1st Meeting) via means of modern technology.

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IntroductionSaudi Cable Company Board of Directors is pleased to invite the respective Shareholders to attend the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting (1st Meeting). The meeting to be held by God willing; at 06:30 pm, on Monday, 18/11/1442H, corresponding to 28/06/2021, via means of modern technology this is within the efforts in supporting the precautionary and preventive measures by the competent and relevant health authorities to address the emerging Corona virus (COVID-19), and as an extension of the continuous efforts that taken by all government authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to take all the necessary preventive measures to prevent its outbreak.
City and Location of the General Assembly’s MeetingSaudi Cable Company’s Head Office, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
URL for the Meeting LocationWWW.TADAWULATY.COM.SA
Date of the General Assembly’s Meeting2021-06-28 Corresponding to 1442-11-18
Time of the General Assembly’s Meeting18:30
Attendance EligibilityEach Shareholder who is registered in the Company’s Shareholders Register at the Depository Centre (EDAA) is entitled to attend OGA’s meeting at the end of the trading session preceding the General Assembly Meeting as per Rules and Regulations
Quorum for Convening the General Assembly’s MeetingThe validity of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting is subject to the attendance of a number of Shareholders representing at least one quarter of the Company’s capital. Failing such a quorum at the first meeting, another meeting will be convened one hour after the end of the period declared for the first meeting. However, the second meeting will be valid irrespective of the number of the shares represented in it.
General Assembly Meeting Agenda1. Voting on Board of Directors Report for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2020.2. Voting on the Company’s Auditor Report for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2020.3. Voting on the financial statements for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2020.4. Voting on absolving the Directors from their responsibilities for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2020.5. Voting on the appointment of the External Auditors for reviewing and auditing the Company quarterly statements for the ( 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter) and the annual for the fiscal year 2021 and the 1st quarter for the fiscal year 2022 from among the auditors nominated by the Audit Committee and determining their fees.6. Voting on the Ordinary General Assembly delegation of the authorization powers, stipulated in Paragraph (1) of Article (71) of the Companies Law to the Company’s Board of Directors, for a period of one year from the date of approval of the Ordinary General Assembly until the end of the session of the delegated Board of Directors, whichever comes first, in accordance with the conditions stated in regulatory rules and procedures issued in implementation of the Companies Law relating to the listed Joint Stock Companies.7. Voting on business and contracts to be executed between the Company and Midal Cables Co. in which the members of the Board of Directors (Meyassar A. Nowailati and Abdulhadi A. Abulkhair) have an indirect interest on it, in form of purchase of raw materials, Board of Directors remunerations, dividends distribution received and expenses for financing purchase of raw material, which are Ordinary transactions without any preferential terms or benefits. The term of the transaction is one year; commenced from the convention date of the General Assembly, an amount of 62,688,000 (Sixty two million six hundred eighty eight thousand Saudi Riyal) (Attached).
Proxy Form Proxy Form 2021
E-VoteNote that shareholders registered on Tadawulaty services can vote remotely (on line) on the items of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, starting at (10:00 am) on (Thursday) 14/11/1442H corresponding to 24/06/2021 up to the ending time of the convention of the Ordinary General Assembly meeting, and the registration and voting via Tadawulaty services is available for free for all Shareholders on the following link.
Eligibility for Attendance Registration and VotingNoting that the eligibility to attend the General Assembly Meeting shall end at the time of the meeting, whereas, the right to vote on OGA’s items for the attendees shall end upon the counting committee completing counting the votes.
Method of CommunicationFor any further inquiries, please, contact: Shareholders Department via Telephone No. 0126087500 or email: (
Additional InformationN/A
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