Saudi Cable Company invites its Shareholders to attend an Extraordinary General Assembly (First Meeting) in person and via modern technology means (Reminder Announcement)

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IntroductionSaudi Cable Company’s Board of Directors is pleased to invite the valued shareholders to participate and vote in the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting (First Meeting second meeting an hour after the first) scheduled to be held at 6:30pm, on Thursday 19/06/1444H corresponding to 12/01/2023, in person at the Company headquarter and via modern technology means using Tadawulaty.The Board of Directors has recommended to convene the Assembly to vote on the items presented on the agenda.
City and Location of the General Assembly’s MeetingIn person at the Company’s main headquarter in Jeddah, Industrial City, and via modern technology means.
URL for the Meeting
Date of the General Assembly’s Meeting2023-01-12 Corresponding to 1444-06-19
Time of the General Assembly’s Meeting18:30
Attendance EligibilityEach Shareholder registered in the Company’s shareholder registry at EDAA is entitled to attend at the end of the trading session preceding the meeting.
Quorum for Convening the General Assembly’s MeetingAccording to Article (30) of the company’s bylaws, the extraordinary general assembly meeting is not valid unless attended by shareholders representing at least half of the capital. If the quorum for the first meeting is not completed, the second meeting will be held an hour after the expiration of the first meeting, provided that the announcement of the convening of the first meeting indicates the possibility of the second meeting. In all cases, the second meeting shall be valid if attended by a number of shareholders representing at least a quarter of the capital. If the necessary quorum is not completed at the second meeting, an invitation is sent to hold a third meeting, and the third meeting will be valid regardless of the number of shares represented therein, after the approval of the competent authority.
General Assembly Meeting Agenda1. Vote on the Board’s report for the financial year ended 31-12-2021.2. Vote on the financial statements for the financial year ended 31-12-2021.3. Vote on the auditor’s report for the financial year ended 31-12-2021.4. Vote to absolve the members of the Board of Directors for the financial year ended 31-12-2021.5. Voting on business and contracts between the Company and (Medal Cable Company) in which members of the Board of Directors (Abdulrahman Al-Khayal and Abdulhadi Abu Al-Khair) have an indirect interest: (purchases of raw materials, dividends and bonuses of Board members and others in the form of financing fees on purchases. The duration of the transaction is one year) in the amount of (SAR 32.645.000) for the financial year ended 31-12-2021. (attached)6. Vote on Amendment to (article 3) of the Company’s bylaws, relating to (the purposes of the Company). (attached)7. Vote on amending the Working Regulations of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee. (attached)8. Vote on amending the Board Membership’s Policies, Standards, Procedures and Controls. (attached)9. Vote on the Working Regulation of the Audit Committee. (attached)10. Vote on social responsibility policy. (attached)11. Vote on The Policy of Nominating Members of the Board of Directors and Members of its Committees’ and the Executive Management. (attached)
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E-VoteNote that the shareholders registered in the Tadawulaty services will be able to vote remotely on the items of the Assembly starting at 01 am on Sunday 15/06/1444H corresponding to 08/01/2023, until the end of the time of the assembly, and registration and voting in the trading services will be available and free for all shareholders using the following link:Home Page – EVoting (
Eligibility for Attendance Registration and VotingEligibility for Attendance Registration and Voting ends upon the convenience of the General Assembly’s Meeting. Eligibility for voting on the Meeting Agenda ends upon the Counting Committee concludes counting the votes.
Method of CommunicationFor any further inquiries, please, Contact: Shareholders Affairsvia phone No. (012) 6087500, or email: (
Additional InformationThe shareholder has the right to authorize another person to attend under written power of attorney, provided that the agent is not a member of the Board of Directors or an employee of the Company, and is certified by chambers of commerce when the shareholder is affiliated with one of them or if the shareholder is a company or corporate institution, a licensed bank or licensed persons in the Kingdom provided that the agent has an account with the bank or licensee who certifies, writes justice or authorized persons for authentication. The shareholder or his/her agent shall provide the Company with a copy of the power of attorney at least two days prior to the meeting of the Assembly and send it to ( The agent must present the original power of attorney before the Assembly, and all shareholders/agents must bring the identification.
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